live painting

BAD HAIR x Tiffany B Chanel by Tiffany Baldwin

Bad Hair 1 Sept 2017.jpg

Live Painting

On Sept. 23rd Tiffany B Chanel live painted at Chaunna Michole photo exhibit called "BAD HAIR." She painted a portrait of Cipriana Quann.

BAD HAIR 10.jpg
Bad Hair 7.JPG
I met her while I was painting and when she spoke all I could hear was how passionate she was about painting. Not only did I hear it, I could see it in the way that she looked at the painting while I was creating. She told me that all she wants to do is paint and that she started taking classes. When I was done I looked for her and told her that it was hers and she was in shock! I said use it as your daily motivation. Who else better to give it to than a person that has found there passion. I can’t wait to see what she creates in the near future.
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