BAD HAIR x Tiffany B Chanel by Tiffany Baldwin

Bad Hair 1 Sept 2017.jpg

Live Painting

On Sept. 23rd Tiffany B Chanel live painted at Chaunna Michole photo exhibit called "BAD HAIR." She painted a portrait of Cipriana Quann.

BAD HAIR 10.jpg
Bad Hair 7.JPG
I met her while I was painting and when she spoke all I could hear was how passionate she was about painting. Not only did I hear it, I could see it in the way that she looked at the painting while I was creating. She told me that all she wants to do is paint and that she started taking classes. When I was done I looked for her and told her that it was hers and she was in shock! I said use it as your daily motivation. Who else better to give it to than a person that has found there passion. I can’t wait to see what she creates in the near future.
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Artwork Surprises Artist! by Tiffany Baldwin

All for the Love of Her ...

I was contacted by an actress on Instagram to do this commission piece for her friend, Aminisha's 40th birthday party! Her and her friends wanted this painting to be the gift that they present to Aminisha the day of her party. I was contacted on July 19th, I started on 20th, and they had their painting on the 25th. Talk about pressure! I loved every moment of painting this beautiful being.


What I didn't know .....

1. The party was in New Orleans.

2. That painting was going on the plan as a carry on.

3. Aminisha (who the gift was going to) is a lover of the arts. She also is an artist!

4. Her birthday was a Art Party where she received her painting!

5. How meaningful the painting was to her and how meaningful the experience was to me.