Artwork Surprises Artist! by Tiffany Baldwin

All for the Love of Her ...

I was contacted by an actress on Instagram to do this commission piece for her friend, Aminisha's 40th birthday party! Her and her friends wanted this painting to be the gift that they present to Aminisha the day of her party. I was contacted on July 19th, I started on 20th, and they had their painting on the 25th. Talk about pressure! I loved every moment of painting this beautiful being.


What I didn't know .....

1. The party was in New Orleans.

2. That painting was going on the plan as a carry on.

3. Aminisha (who the gift was going to) is a lover of the arts. She also is an artist!

4. Her birthday was a Art Party where she received her painting!

5. How meaningful the painting was to her and how meaningful the experience was to me.

Tepache x Tiffany B Chanel by Tiffany Baldwin

15 Foot Canvas!

I was commissioned by Tepache Restaurant owner Armando, Spring 2016 to do a 15 foot canvas for his restaurant in Bedstuy. This was the biggest I have ever worked on. He gave me the inspiration for the piece for me to work and he created the frame for the canvas from scratch! The process was amazing! To see this piece in person go visit Tepache in Brooklyn - 361 Halsey St, Brooklyn, NY, 11216.