Catcista's x Tiffany B Chanel by Tiffany Baldwin


Catcista's logo

By Tiffany B Chanel


Bessie, owner of Catcista's wanted to get a commission piece done for her boutique. She wrote Catcista's on a piece of paper and said I need the sign to be written in this handwriting with a cat besides it. I am happy to say that the signs are officially hanging up and this will now be my third venue in Bedstuy with my artwork. I was born and raised in Bedstuy, so to be able to leave my mark in my neighborhood through art means the world to me! I am truly thankful!


Catcista's Address: 414 Marcus Garvey, Brooklyn, NY, 11216

BAD HAIR x Tiffany B Chanel by Tiffany Baldwin

Bad Hair 1 Sept 2017.jpg

Live Painting

On Sept. 23rd Tiffany B Chanel live painted at Chaunna Michole photo exhibit called "BAD HAIR." She painted a portrait of Cipriana Quann.

BAD HAIR 10.jpg
Bad Hair 7.JPG
I met her while I was painting and when she spoke all I could hear was how passionate she was about painting. Not only did I hear it, I could see it in the way that she looked at the painting while I was creating. She told me that all she wants to do is paint and that she started taking classes. When I was done I looked for her and told her that it was hers and she was in shock! I said use it as your daily motivation. Who else better to give it to than a person that has found there passion. I can’t wait to see what she creates in the near future.
Bad Hair 8.JPG
Bad Hair 4.jpg
Bad hair 6.jpg

To see more pictures from the event visit Chaunna Michole page

Artwork Surprises Artist! by Tiffany Baldwin

All for the Love of Her ...

I was contacted by an actress on Instagram to do this commission piece for her friend, Aminisha's 40th birthday party! Her and her friends wanted this painting to be the gift that they present to Aminisha the day of her party. I was contacted on July 19th, I started on 20th, and they had their painting on the 25th. Talk about pressure! I loved every moment of painting this beautiful being.


What I didn't know .....

1. The party was in New Orleans.

2. That painting was going on the plan as a carry on.

3. Aminisha (who the gift was going to) is a lover of the arts. She also is an artist!

4. Her birthday was a Art Party where she received her painting!

5. How meaningful the painting was to her and how meaningful the experience was to me.

Artist Meets Muses by Tiffany Baldwin


Tiffany B Chanel x Muses!

One day in January my friend Shawn called me and said he would like for me to do a commission piece for his friend as a surprise. He was the best man at his wedding and he wanted to make sure his gift was unique and personal. He sent me their engagement picture and I went to work! I did not know the people I was painting personally, which made me focus harder to capture them as perfect as possible. While walking around at Dance Africa we ended up in eyes view and from there we knew the connection automatically. They told me how they were surprised with the painting and the story made my day. It is always an amazing feeling to finally meet your muse after studying a face for weeks or months. You can look a picture for so long that eventually you start to feel like you do know the people you are creating. It was such a beautiful feeling meeting this beautiful couple and hearing how much they enjoyed their wedding gift!

Original Photo by  Fabio Fistarol

Original Photo by Fabio Fistarol

Painting by Tiffany B Chanel

Painting by Tiffany B Chanel

PS 21 Visits Tiffany B Chanel by Tiffany Baldwin

Field Trip to Studio 422

P.S. 21 3rd grade class took a field trip to my studio, Studio 422. Their teacher wanted the students to experience being in a art studio and learning how to paint from a actual artist. I had the opportunity to paint with 17 talented students from my community, it definitely was an honor to paint with them. The best part was being interviewed by them at the end of the session. I am thankful that I was able to share my studio and my passion to inspire and educate them.